AutoArcheologist can assist you in getting your automobile moved on to a new conservator.

 AutoArcheologist will:

  • Fully inspect your car, inside and out and will then work with you to establish a value for your vehicle, based on experience, market analysis, pricing guides and comparative sales.
  • Perform a full photo shoot of normally 200 pictures +/-
  • Shoot several videos of a cold start, idling/walk around and a driving/drive by.
  • Create a complete write up on your vehicle
  • Create a page on the AutoArcheologist website specifically for your car
  • Place ads on 10-20 automotive "For Sale" websites, dependent on type of vehicle and what is appropriate for that auto
  • Place ads in magazines pertinent to your type of automobile
  • Handle the emails, texts, IM's and phone inquiries and will respond to each in a timely and professional manner in order to get your automobile sold
  • Will negotiate with interested parties
  • Will arrange showings of your car to coincide with both of our schedules and will be on site to answer questions and assist in the negotiations
  • Can assist buyer in setting up transportation
  • Can direct interested parties to available financing if needed.
  • Work out of state/out of country payments through a certified escrow account.

   The transaction to sell your car is between you and the buyer. AutoArcheologist is not a dealer and is not responsible for any issues that may arise between seller and buyer. AutoArcheologist will not appear on any paperwork effectuating the deal between buyer and seller.

   There is a fee for the work that AutoArcheologist performs to get your automobile moved on, it is normally 10% of the final sale price of the car, however, the fee is negotiable on exceptional vehicles.

   If you would like AutoArcheologist to contact you regarding your vehicle, please fill out the info in the form below. Please include the year, make and model in the message section, along with any other information you'd like to add.


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