Are you ready to go Miata Spec racing? Here's nearly everything you'll need to start.

There are 4 Miata shells of various years ranging from 90 to 99, 3 rust free. (With glass)

There are 5 engines (1 is stuck), 4 transmissions (2 manual, two autos)


1 set of 4 brand new, sticker Hooziers CM7s 205/50/ZR15 on Kazera wheels (this set up brand new from Tire Rack would run over $1000)

Set of 4 new Toyo Proxes RA1 rain tires in the same size mounted on stock Miata wheels

Set of 4, less than 5 laps at LRP, Toyo Proxes RR tires mounted on Team Dynamics Motorsport wheels (this would be close to $1500 from Tire Rack)

There are also 8 used practice/autocross tires, Hoozier and Toyo Proxes RR

There are two drive shafts, several AC sets ups (compressor, lines, condenser), 4-5 radiators. Assorted lights, tops, interior panels, 4 seats, 4 doors, 1 very good 90 hood, shock tower brace, aftermarket HD sway bars, slotted rotors, Racing Beat MAF and cold air set up, gas tanks, wiring harnesses, clutches/pressure plates/flywheels, rack and pinions, rear diffs, aftermarket exhaust, etc.

Take it all away for $5000