1975 MG TD Replica, Daytona MiGi

The current owner of this car remembers his father buying the car many years ago. His Dad was very much into Volkswagens, owning several including, at one time, a Kubelwagen/Thing. Being VW based, he also purchased this MiGi.

Originality doesn't really matter much on a kit car, however, this is one of the original cars built by DAF (Daytona Automotive Fiberglass) before the unsuccessful "merge" with DMC/DM-Jax (Daytona MiGi Corp/Daytona MiGi Jacksonville) in 1977 that ended in a lawsuit between the two companies in 1980.

It was built in 1975 so we know that the beetle frame beneath it is at least that old, but probably a bit older.

This car was in a garage for many years until his Dad passed away several years ago, when this car was moved from the house and deposited in the yard of his business.

The green gelcoat is in good condition and will buff/polish up to a pretty good sheen. The interior is a bit rough after having weathered a few years outside but again, some deep cleaning and carpet replacement and wood work on the dash and the car could be driving again.

The car rolls and the engine turns freely by hand. The pan is rot free.

With very nice condition versions of this car fetching between $10K and $12K, this could be a great project that could actually put a little money in your pocket.

Once it's tooling along on back roads, most folks don't care they're really seeing a VW with a classic MG TD body kit, it's still an on "old British car" to them.

The road to fiberglass enjoyment can be started with a $1200 buy in.

Any questions, to view her in person, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.