1965 Thunderbird Convertible. 390 V8. 80K miles, 3 speed automatic transmission, 9" rear. Originally Rangoon red, has been repainted in same/similar color, with black top over black vinyl interior. PS/PB/PW, power seats, swing away steering wheel. Body and frame solid with only rot on driver floor and small amount over left rear wheel well. Surface rust in a lot of places as the car has been outside for several years. Engine is stuck.
The original owner was a collector of Thunderbirds and had over 10 in various states of disrepair. They were scattered around the property. When he died recently, his wife hired a towing company to haul them all off the land.
Too good to let get crushed.
Owner asking $2000 obo

1965 Thunderbird Landau Hardtop. This bird definitely has the best body. It appears as though a repaint had just happened (before being set into the barn) and the primer/sealer is still rather evident on the unfinished interior. Very solid rot free body and frame. Power brakes are evident and the 390 V8 which needs to be probably rebuilt and reassembled.

$1000 obo.

I was driving along and noticed sitting on the side of the road, a 1956 Chevy wagon sitting in a gasser stance, with real mags and cheater slicks out back.

I had to stop and talk to the owner.

As it was, the "Gasser" was already sold.. However, being the proprietor of a towing company, he had several other cars on his lot that would need to be sold , including a whole bunch from a regular customer of theirs that includes possibly 10 or more T-Birds (5 featured here right now), several Cadillacs, an M151 APU "jeep", an REO M108 Crane truck and GMC Deuce & 1/2.

The owner of the tow company has dealt with the family that owned these cars for years. Unfortunately, a death in the family had the family calling on him to remove all the cars from the property which includes inside barns and outside. The original owner of these (before the tow company) loved T-Birds and he collected them, unfortunately, he didn't take care of them, as seen by the photos below. Unfortunately, there isn't much more story to tell about them. Hopefully someone else out there loves the 64-66 T-Birds and will take a couple away if for nothing else but parts, as the tow company said he can easily scrap em and toss em. I sort of talked him into letting me try and find new homes. Specifics of each are listed below each set of photos. Please feel free to make package offers on two or more vehicles.

UPDATE: The 65 Convertible and the 65 HT are all that are left.

These are the Thunderbirds: