2002 4DR Convertible PT Cruiser

So, this isn't much more than a used car.. BUT... You won't be seeing any other Four Door Convertibles.

This car is very crisp and clean. There is no rot or rust through. Only a few minor rubs and nicks in the paint. The top is in good condition although there is a small area over the driver door that has worn and does leak a very little bit.

The car only has 47,000 miles on the ticker and she starts, runs and drives well.

To take on the 4 door body as a convertible, bracing was added that runs from the A pillar all the way through to the C pillar as seen in the photos.

The car has PS, PB, PW, A/C, CD player/stereo and the driver seat is power up and down. The top is operated manually.

The current owner has had her for about 8 years and purchased her at an auction on a whim. He always liked the PT Cruiser and when he saw a 4 Door version, he knew it would be rather unique. It also reminded him of Col. Klink's car from Hogan's Heros... He had to have it. During his ownership it's racked up nearly half of the mileage, always been stored inside and well maintained.

This isn't a classic and probably won't ever be considered one, but she's still a convertible that can be had very inexpensively and driven reliably.

Asking price on this Custom PT Cruiser is $4800 or best offer.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or make an offer, please contact me.