1999 Mazda Miata/MX-5

The owners of this car got into Miata spec racing many years ago and fully enjoyed it, racing up and down the East Coast and doing fairly well for themselves, although, he admits she could wipe the track with him most times.

As she liked racing them, he felt his wife would like a Miata road car too, so he found one with a blown engine, put this 80K mile engine in (after doing the timing belt, water pump, etc), took whatever other spare parts they had that this car needed, including a Nardi steering wheel, and put this little cruiser together for her.

The body has 177K miles but the engine just 80K. She's in great shape and has no rot anywhere on her, just some minor surface rust on the suspension pieces. Runs and drives awesome.

The paint was a bit worn, so he painted the car in its original silver, however, never got around to color sanding/buffing, so a quality buff would make her shine even better.

Everything is in great shape and works, like the power windows, heat, A/C, cruise control, air bags, the top folds down very easily and is in beautiful condition, etc. They also installed an aftermarket JVC stereo/CD system.

The low profile Cooper Zeon ZPT 195/50 R15 rubber wrapped around ASA aluminum wheels help wake up the handling just a bit more than an already great handling stock Miata.

This is a great little summer cruiser or an easy mod to take and go auto-crossing with.

Cheap fun.

Asking price is only $4000 obo.

Any questions, to make an offer or to schedule a time to see her in person, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.