1995 Jaguar XJ6

Three owner car, originally purchased in CA. Second owner was a tech at the dealership where the car was serviced regularly. He sold the car to the current owner roughly 12 years ago. About 5 years ago the current owner came out to CT.

In his years of owning the car he has put just over 20,000 miles on the car, bringing the total mileage to 187,190.  That may seem like a lot and, well, it is a lot of miles however, the 4.0 L AJ6 straight six is a bullet proof motor and she starts and runs beautifully. Within the 5 years here in CT, this cat has never been driven in snow and it didn't know what snow was in CA.

The hot, dry CA climate has kept this car rust free, however, it tortured the Flamenco Red metallic paint, as seen in the photos. The crinkle on the left quarter panel doesn't help matters either.

When the current owner purchased the car, it was in beautiful condition except for the paint.. his plan was to get her repainted.

Three kids later and the Jaguar is no longer the pet of choice. There is distinct evidence of children having used the interior of the car... as a target range for assorted foods, paints, etc. and the leather is a bit tired, but not unsavable. The drive seat bolster is also torn.

Two years ago, in a last ditch effort to bring her back, the owner (who also used to be a Jaguar/Land Rover tech) installed all new front end bushings and lower ball joints, replaced the power steering hoses and the cam cover gaskets. Unfortunately, a  bearing noise in the rear diff snuffed out those plans.

Now simply not economically feasible to continue to toss money at her, he has decided it's time to let her go.

This Cat will still enjoy the prowl and will reward the next owner with a great driving experience after the rear diff is taken care of and the interior is given a REALLY deep cleaning.. Leather softener, cleaner and maybe even some dye work.

If one were to choose to go after the paint/body, it would have to be a labor of love as these cars are not yet appreciating. This once top tier luxury car, selling for well over $50,000 in 1995 can be had for just a $1000.

Yes, she's a Jaguar, so she has all the goodies of 1995, power, heated seats; Harmon Kardon stereo; 6 disc CD player; all leather interior; full adjustable steering wheel/column; climate control and separate zones; and on and on...

The unfortunate truth is that she may end up as a parts car but it's my place to try and save them all, especially the big cats.

$1000 or best offer.

Any questions, to make an offer, or schedule a time to see her in person, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.