1991 Jaguar Sovereign (XJ40)

The Sovereign was the standard bearer for Jaguar here in the US for most of the 90's. The other levels offered that year in the US were the Vanden Plas, the XJR Sport, the XJ6 Base and the  XJ12. They made over 6000 Sovereigns, the most of  any of the trim levels, the base model only half that number and the VDP half that, they only made 14 XJ12's in 1991.

In essence, the Sovereign got you an upgraded base model; power seats, Alpine stereo w 6 disc CD changer, AC, self leveling suspension, rear arm rest, different rims and a few other small items.

This was a $50,000 car in it's day.

This particular automobile has 108K miles and is overall very good condition, I'd say a number 3 on a 1-6 scale, 1 the best, 6 a parts car. She runs and drives very nicely. The SLS has been replaced with the dealer standard Koni shocks and springs.

She is turn key and can be enjoyed as she sits.

However, if one wanted to bring her up to show/concourse standards... there is some wear on the driver seat, a small tear on the front center console and the headliner sags; she has a check engine light on which is the throttle position sensor; as the battery had died, the radio is off and will need the code searched; the interior lights don't come on; there are two bulbs out, one fog lamp and one of the 4 third brake light bulbs; the driver side seat belt no longer automatically  slides up into place, it needs to be  done manually.

The interior is the AFW Barley  leather and the paint is NDP Glacier White, it appears as though the rear quarters have been repainted.

The floors, doors and sub frames are completely rust/rot free, there are some minor bubbles popping on the trunk lid and a few more around the gas lid.

The current owner has had her for a few years and got the car as a trade. The second owner  had it for quite a while, 15 years give or take and reportedly put a bit of money into her, although, unfortunately, no records or receipts are available. It appears as though some paint work was doen, the SLS work was done and there also seems to be a new rear Salisbury differential in place.The car is currently in southwest RI and has spent all of it's life in the eastern MA/RI area.

Simply a gorgeous car, great for the fall vineyard and foliage trips, very reliable.

The owner needs to move her on as priorities have changed and the car had been sitting.

This car is great for the person looking for a fun car to drive, the 4.0L straight 6 puts out about 250 HP and close to 300lbft of torque, so she gets along pretty well. If that same person also enjoys tinkering, then the little niggly bits on this beauty are just some small challenges to chase down.

For only $2500, this great Cat can come home with you.

Imagine, a less than 30 year old, $50,000 car for only $2500 obo.

Any questions, to make an offer or schedule a time to see her in person, please don't hesitate to contact me.