1990 Bentley Turbo R

This car was previously owned by a car tinkerer. He would purchase a car that overall looked good but most often had some issue(s). He would usually get them at a bargain price and then do the work necessary to bring them back. He kept all sorts of notes on what he was doing to each one. This car is one of several he had in his yard when he passed away.  I am assisting the family in getting them moved on to new conservators.

This Bentley has been owned by the same family for about 8 years. It is known that the owner used this car for photo shoots and even lent it out for several movie shoots but it is unknown which movies it may have had a supporting role in.

The paint and body are in beautiful condition if but a little dirty. I will get better photos as soon as we can get the immobile Cadillac SUV out of the way behind it. There is no rot or rust anywhere on the undercarriage.

The engine is the 6.7L V8 putting out about 300 HP and 425 lbft of torque, tis unit having 115K miles.

Only 585 of the Turbo R's were produced in 1990, they retailed at $195,000 and they were produced using much larger anti-roll bars, larger, stiffer dampers, a rear sub-frame connector/stiffener and heavier steering. The R stands for Road-holding.

The Tan leather interior has some very fine surface growth and the burl-wood has some very minor cracks along the drive door. Overall, aside from the need of cleaning (which hopefully we'll be able to do soon if we can get the Caddy out of the way and before the snow gets too deep) the interior is in very good shape.

The transmission is a GM TH400, 3 spd auto.

The Turbo R is loaded with what one would expect in a Bentley, power everything, heated seats, rear buckets.

Unfortunately these cars are known for being expensive to own. This one is priced with the knowledge that it may need some work underhood. A good British car DIYer would make this a great driver.

We know that car was driven within the last two years, however, the dead battery and our dying jump pack was only able to currently get the engine to turn slowly as heard in the video above. I'll be updating this as soon as we can get her started, out in the daylight and cleaned up.

Asking price is $7500

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer.

Thank you for the interest.