Very Low mileage, two owner, ex MoD, LEP/TITHONUS 1986 Land Rover Defender 110 FFR

WOW... what does all that mean?

This is a right hand drive, formerly British Ministry of Defense, Fit For Radio, Life Extending Program/TITHONUS Defender 110 (110 is the wheelbase) with just about 20,000 KM.. which equates to roughly 12,500 miles. After leaving the service of the MoD it was purchased and imported into the state of NY by a civilian owner. After 5+ years of ownership and a bit of additional work on the truck, he traded it to it's current owner (although the title is still in the NY state owner's name, ready to be handed over if needed for your state).

The current owner simply registered it and has driven it sparingly over the last 1 and a half. Wasn't really his thing so he is now moving her on to a new conservator.

What does the Life Extending program/Tithonus Program entail?

The Ministry of Defense in England would pull low mileage Defenders from the service line and refurbish them for a more civilian use or officer's use and then these would often eventually be sold off as opposed to being destroyed. This program ran through roughly 2007.

Here is a partial list of what was performed on these vehicles;

Unload and empty vehicle

Pressure Wash Vehicle

Inspect for faults

Carry out repairs from inspection

Fit front and rear rollover protection

Fit rear seatbelts and anchor points

Reinforce frame points

Waxoil the frame

Install New:

Brakes (Rotors, pads, shoes, cylinders); track rod ends and bushings; shock absorbers; mirrors; all light lenses; replace standard rims with new Wolf tubeless rims; new rear seats and new Exmoor Wolf front seats.

Prep body for repaint, repaint in IRR Green.

This particular Defender sports a non-original, but correct 2.5L diesel engine (replaced just a few years and less than 1000 miles ago) backed by the original LT-77 5 speed manual gearbox. It's running the stock front military Land Rover axle and the stock military Salisbury rear axle.

It is thought that this Rover went through the Life Extending program and then was driven sparingly and probably kept outside before coming stateside in roughly 2012.

The NY owner had many issues with the truck running and eventually replaced the engine with a rebuilt unit. It is unknown why a diesel engine would need to be replaced after only 11,000 miles but it was, it may be how it was stored and handled while still in the UK before being sold of MoD use. Classic 4x4s in Fairfield CT performed all the major work and service work and installed many new parts as seen in the receipts.

This truck is now totally sorted and is a great driver.

The interior is in very good condition, there is no rust on the frame or anywhere on the body. (These are aluminum bodies on a usually galvanized frame) There is some dissimilar metal oxidation that has occurred on some of the hinges and some flaking of paint on the front bumper and the vents under the windshield.

This is a great truck to just drive and enjoy, it can be built up for more serious off highway use or enjoyed for it's military history for those who like military vehicles.

Defender 110's have been trading all over the map price wise with pristine, strictly civilian models fetching upwards of $50,000. Worn, high mileage units have been selling in the mid teens. This one falls somewhere in between. It isn't pristine and perfect but she runs and drives excellently and has very low miles.

Asking price for this piece of British Military history is $16,000

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.