Auto Archeologist

1986 Jaguar XJ-S Coupe

The Story:

In 1986 the original owner purchased the XJ-S locally in Northeast CT. That person owned the car until about 10 years ago when he died and he willed the car to one of his relatives. She didn't really like the car and didn't want it so she sold the car to the current owner who has had it for nearly 9 years.

The current owner has enjoyed the car an awful lot, only using him (she named him DiNozzo from NCIS) during the summer months, generally good weather and always garaged and stored for the winter. Unfortunately, as I've mentioned numerous times, life has gotten in the way and some familial situations and losing her winter storage location have caused the need for a sale. She doesn't want to sell the car but now needs to.

The Good:

No rot, solid car. Starts, runs and drives well. Well cared for 2 owner car (technically 3 but second owner didn't register car). Only 87,000 miles on the V12, Auto Transmission. The car is felt to be all original. Beautiful lines. Windsor Blue over Saville Grey leather interior. Interior in rather good shape. PS, PB, Power Windows, speed control, sunroof, AC (refit to run R134). Hop in and drive. Join the Jaguar club and bring her out and have fun.

The Bad:

The paint is tired. Would benefit from a good color sanding and polish.. but that's probably not enough to completely save it. The interior is in good shape... There are a couple of small wear areas, the carpets could use a deep shampoo/cleaning and the headliner is starting to sag just a little in a spot or two. The varnish on the burlwood trim is flaking in spots however the wood is good so stripping and refinishing would be a fairly easy thing and would bring it right back. The right taillight is cracked.  He's shod with Pirelli 4000's with pretty good tread but they should be replaced sooner than later.

The Ugly:

The sunroof opens..but won't close completely. May just need the switch to be pulled apart and cleaned, could need a new switch.

Overall... This is a beautiful early version Jaguar XJ-S coupe. It was in essence the offspring of the E-Type with a similar long bonnet, short boot. My opinion is to simply keep them on the road.  If you have the time, money, desire.. go all out and make it concours ready. If not, just keep him tuned, cleaned and well fed and enjoy him for all he's worth...

This wonderful Jaguar can be had for only $2500

Please contact me with any questions, to schedule a time to see him or to make an offer.

Thank you for the interest.