1980 TR7 Convertible

The second owner of this car wanted to go with something a bit different and so when he found this originally Triton green Triumph, he swapped out the original 4 cyl for a GM 3.4L V6 from a 94 Camaro. The original 4 cyl pumped out 105 HP, this V6 puts out about 160HP and 200 lb.ft. of torque. This fairly light engine, with fuel injection and mated to the Triumph 4 speed, will move this little roadster with ease.

He also had the car repainted in a more Brooklands Green color.

The second owner dropped it off at the garage for some service and ran into some financial issues and ended up selling the car to the owner of the service station.

The odometer shows just over 5000 miles, so the body very probably has 105K miles, where the mileage on the V6 is unknown.

The body of the car is in great condition with no rust or rot.

The tan cloth and vinyl interior is in good shape but could make use of some spare parts from Moss Motors or the Little British Car company.

As you may notice from the photos, the upper part of the dash and glove box are apart as the lights were getting new relays, fuses and switches.

The current owner (owner of the service station) got into it and then other jobs came up and this car got swept aside... Now it's time to move her on to a new home.

The tires are in great shape and are wrapped around gold Mini-lite rims.

The car will run and drive well, however, a coolant leak was also found under the intake plenum and will need to be addressed.

A very solid project to work on over the winter and easily have ready for next spring.

Inexpensive at only $1800.

Any questions, offers or to schedule a time to see her in person, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.