1979 MG Midget

This car was sold originally in Colorado and migrated to Texas at some point in it's life. Unknown how many owners have had it but a good guess is 4-5 including the current owner who purchased it TX and moved her north here to CT when he moved here several years ago. Most of it's life was spent in TX.

In 2008 the TX owner did a nearly (about 95%) complete restoration on the car. He had the car stripped and repainted in the original Pageant Blue, the engine was pulled apart and rebuilt as was the transmission with a resurfaced fly wheel and new clutch and rear diff.  There are 0 miles on the motor and it will need to be broken in. The prop shaft has been completely rebuilt and is still sealed in the box. The engine needs to have all the accessory bits installed and tightened, belts, etc. It is equipped with the single ZS 1 bbl carb and an aftermarket header. A twin carb set up would do this little motor good. The car has 89K miles on the odometer.

The interior was pulled out and new carpets, door cards, trim and MG B seats purchased. The Victoria British Suffolk kit was used. These are tucked in place but need to be secured fully. A new Advanced Auto Wire harness was also installed and needs to be finished off by connecting the last few gauges, etc. The dash is also new but needs the gauge holes opened up and the gauges installed (they are with the car). The aftermarket sport steering wheel was also sourced through Victoria British.

The original radiator and shroud come with the car but the common swap of a GM/Geo aluminum radiator has been initiated as well.

All the heavy lifting has been completed on this great little car. All that is needed is to tighten up a bunch of nuts and bolts, install all the engine components (included with the car).. sort of like an adult puzzle. This would make an awesome father/son project as every bit of information on these cars is readily available at your fingertips via the internet or manuals.

Definite needs include an exhaust from the header back, tires and very probably brakes.

The owner is selling because his business venture of building race spec MG B's has taken off and he's been too busy to complete this project he bought in TX a couple years ago.

With complete, concours/show ready cars selling in the $8,000 range, this nearly show ready car is selling at a $3000 asking price.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.