1978 Triumph Custom Built TR8 Coupe

This TR8 has two stories.

The first is how the TR8 coupe came to be in the first place. Without delving into too many details, Triumph wanted to go rally racing and the FIA mandates that in order to do so in certain classes they must homologate the car via manufacture of a certain number of cars, in this case 400, before they can enter the car in class. As the cars were going through design processes, they started making them in a "pre-production" run, roughly 150 were made in "pre-production". It is argued that not all of the 400 homologation TR8 coupes were made.

This TR8 coupe is one of those 150 pre-production coupes, with a VIN of ACN 01108 UCA.

Although exact numbers are difficult to come by, it is generally felt that roughly 2750 TR8's overall were produced with most of those being drop tops. As originally produced, this car is one of just 150 pre-production coupes made, as she sits, she is one of one.

The second story is how this particular, TR8 coupe came to be.

Purchased in the early 2000's, this car was initially driven and enjoyed in the southern New England area as an original TR8 pre-production coupe, in CAD Flamenco Rd and RAA black and red check interior. The owner, however,  is one to not leave well enough alone and seems to continually strive for more performance. He tore into his new project. Extensive work included pretty much replacing the entire body; full repaint in Vermillion Red; purchasing a bullet proof 4.6L Rover V8 and a Tremac T-5 from Tim Lanocha of JB's Machine in MD. (ask for all the build specs);  MSD ignition; Ron Davis aluminum radiator with rear to front full block cooling; pusher and puller fans with a SPAL thermostatic control box; strengthening the floor panels and adding a custom 4 link system; 2.5" exhaust with X pipe; a GZ crankcase vacuum set up has been added; Koni adjustable shocks/struts; cut down Limited Slip Ford 9" rear; full dual master, Wilwood 4 pot disc brake set up, with adjustable proportioning valve and and vented 11.75" rotors; Red/Black tartan interior; new Webasto sliding top; upgraded wiring harness; full set of gauges including oil pressure, thermostat temperature gauge, vacuum gauge, air/fuel ratio, and stock gauges; RCI 5 point harness; JVC head, Sony and Alpine amps and 6 speakers, including sub.; side and rear windows are tinted; ceramic micro-sphere insulated paint coats the interior and under carriage; Hankook Ventus V2 tires in 205/50/15 F and 225/45/15 R mounted on powder coated American Racing aluminum rims get the power to the ground, unless at the track, when a set of Nitto NT1 225/45/15 DOT "slicks" are added; frame bracing both front and rear with structural strengthening to support the braces... Suffice to say, this TR8 coupe is a steroid version of the pre-production coupe it started out as. The engine was dyno'd at just about 300HP and 300 lb-ft at Danbury Chassis Dyno and ran a 12.7 in the quarter mile at Epping/New England Dragway.

Although the odometer shows 71,000 miles, the actual miles on this entire car are well less than that, maybe 10K according to the owner. Overall, the car is nearly perfect, there is slight creasing on the right front bumper cover, a very small tear on the outermost edge of the drive door card and the center console edge is starting to curl.

Build quality is superior, drivability is awesome and super fun, this is a truly unique Triumph TR8 coupe. Completely turn key and ready to drive to the track, on the track or cross country.

Cost to build this car easily exceeds $60,000, it can be driven home for only $32,000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.