1976 Volkswagen Beetle

It is unknown how many owners this Bug may have had since it was purchased new in 1976.

In the late 80's the car was purchased by Danny's Espresso Italian Restaurant to be used as a delivery vehicle. It was cleaned up, painted black and had the great 80's colors and "beautiful" mermaid added so everyone would know who was bringing them their pizza.

In 1996 the car was purchased by her current owner and tucked into a garage to be stripped and repainted. As you've read more times than I can remember, life got in the way along with several other projects and eventually she was moved into a storage trailer on the owner's business property, where she has been for at least 15 years.

The condition of this Beetle, aside from the festive colors, is very good. The engine turns freely and I'd imagine is not far from starting and running, the driver floor has been replaced however, the rest of the car is rust free. The interior is also in good shape. The carpets for the floor are tucked into the front "trunk". The biggest issue is the tear on the driver seat bottom.

The 1585 cc 4 cylinder is fuel injected and turns out about 50 hp, give or take. It puts that "power" to the ground through a 4 speed manual transmission.

If you're looking for a goofy, stand out vehicle, simply clean her up, get her running and enjoy.

Otherwise, you have a great basis for  restoration or just a simple repaint.

The original color, seen under the dash, appears to be Diamond Silver and this Beetle would look rather handsome coated back in that color as opposed to bedazzled with the "Little Mermaid"

Asking price on this Bug is $2800

Any questions, to view her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.