1976 Porsche 912E, rat rod/outlaw

Purchased from California roughly 20 years ago, the current owner has several other very serious race cars and this was bought to simply enjoy, without too much effort.

But often times, we hardcore tinkerers can't leave well enough alone and we start modifying things.

He bought seats from a 944 and installed them as they were more comfortable than what was in it. The carpet was buggered up, so he pulled that and with the idea of Colin Chapman, he added some lightness by simply painting the floor boards and adding in some custom cut gym matting. Not needing a rear seat, that was removed and some "cool mat" was installed under some corduroy type material and it looked pretty clean. The sagging headliner was also removed at the same time.

The phone dial wheels from the same 944 were installed with Pirelli P6000 rubber, 215/60/15 in back and 195/65 up front. The original 14" Fuchs come with the car.

As things started to wear, he'd simply replace or make something instead, the idea was to enjoy driving and have some fun.

When he bought the car, it came with a non original flat 4 built by Jake Raby's Aircooled Technolgy and recently it was torn down and completely rebuilt by Canton CT's Auto Associates. Twin Empi carbs feed the gas and custom bent stainless headers/muffler/exhaust release the burnt gas. It sits at 2,240 CCs and was dyno'd at 185 HP/200 lb ft before being dropped back in, 500 miles ago. It is attached to a stock 5 speed transaxle. To save some more weight, the spare tire and starting to fail gas tank were removed and a fuel cell was tucked in. Now sitting a little high in the front and looking a bit like a rally car, he added a set of PIAA fog lights.

With the new engine under the hood, he figured the old stock gauges weren't up to the task of keeping track of all the important readings, so he removed the stock gauge cluster, cut some brushed aluminum and added in an entire slew of new AutoMeter gauges taking into account oil pressure, oil temp, head temp., RPM, fuel, volts and air/fuel mixture.

Plain and simple, this car RIPS!

The original door cards were pulled as they were pretty tattered from getting in and out and hitting it with his feet.. so they were replaced with aluminum and when the plastic door handles broke, a simple drawer pull and hinge did the job just fine.

You will NOT see another Porsche 912 like this at any cars and coffee.

The paint is original and the car is almost completely rust free... one very small rot spot on the passenger floor, about the size of a dime, at the junction of floor and inner fender well.

This car is not a show car and is not original. It is a rat rod, hot rod, outlaw, absolute blast to crash through the gears and

D R I V E.

It is rather unique.
Of course, if someone wanted to restore her and bring her back to a more stock/original form, this is a great solid, starting point.

The cost of this Porsche, built to be driven hard, is $22,000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to experience her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.