1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

This car was sold new in 1976 to a couple in New Britain CT. As they grew too old to drive the car, their son purchased the car in 1994. When his Dad passed away, the son had the car "gone through" and some body work done and the car repainted. He moved south to Old Saybrook CT and several years ago, as part of barter deal the current owner came into possession of the car. As part of a large collection, the car was well maintained but driven often and now as the collector is getting up in age a bit, it has been suggested that he start clearing out some of the cars.

This will be one of the first to go.

There are 82,000 miles on the 425 V8, which puts out 180 HP and 320 lb.ft.

She runs and floats well like any land yacht should. The current owner has replaced the radiator, hoses, belts, alternator, fuel lines, convertible top and frame,  front tires, exhaust and brake master cylinder all in the last couple of years. However, despite the new exhaust there is till some unwanted rumble that is most probably a doughnut gasket at the funky crossover that these FWD Caddies have.

The black leather interior is in rather good shape, aside from a small tear in the driver headrest and some other small wear points. Very comfortable as any large boat or leather sofa would be.

The frame and most of the floors are solid and rot free.. However, the usual place for these to go bad.. has... The catalytic converter sits right in the center of the front floor and over heats and rusts out that floor section. This one has been haphazardly patched. The good news is as this is so typical, there are MULTIPLE sources for replacement pans for that section of floor.

It also seems that when the car was "gone through", whoever went through it, patched the emminating rust with Bondo. They can be clearly seen now in both front fenders, just behind the wheels, one side completely rotted away. Behind each rear wheel there is the beginning of rust bubbles so their fate would be similar to the fronts if evasive action isn't taken quickly.

As these were to be the "Last American Convertible", 14000 were ordered and produced and are still seen as relatively popular collector cars which have held their value. Concours quality cars going for near to $75,000.

This Eldo came equipped with the black leather interior; power windows; power locks; power steering; power top; power seats; power brakes (4 wheel discs, a highly prized option); auto climate control/AC (non operational, may need a charge, compressor spins); Soft ray tinted glass; remote mirrors; Tilt/telescoping steering wheel; intermittent wipers; auto dim headlights and the twilight sentinel.

She'll make a great summer cruiser as is, but she is worth investing the time and money into to make her great again.

Great, two owner car.

Asking price is $6200

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.