1975 MG Midget

The current owner of this Midget bought her roughly ten years ago with the idea of using it at his beach property during the summer months. In her original condition, she was a little rough so the owner decided it was time to freshener her up.

With only 56K miles on her he felt that it probably didn't need a full rebuild, but cleaned things up a bit and rebuilt the carb, installed new resonator/muffler and tailpipe (Bosal) and had her painted in original MG colour, Bracken. Most of the interior was fine so that was left. He was going to replace the carpet kit but didn't get around to it. Other projects and life jumped in the way and she ended up sitting, only being driven to get her out of the way of other cars. He decided it's time to let her go.

The 1493 cc 4 cylinder starts right up and runs great. It still has the one Stromberg carburetor and original exhaust manifold running through the aforementioned partially new exhaust.

There was some minor rust fixed in the driver floor and then the entire undercarriage was coated before the car was painted.

The Rostyle wheels were refurbished and mounted to Achilles 145/80/R13 tires. The rubber bumpers were replaced with new units. All lights work correctly, as does the fan and heater.

Lastly, some of the steering components (rod arms and bushings) were replaced.

A new canvas top was also sourced to replace the original vinyl top.

The car is a blast to drive and even at 45-50 MPH, being so close to the road, you feel like you're going much quicker. The 4 speed manual shifts easily through the gears and moves you right along. The front disc and rear drums have also been rebuilt or replaced and bring the small car to a stop easily.

Although there is nothing power, the steering is very easy and the brakes work well.

Pull the choke a hair, two pumps and she fires right up and is ready to go.

She really needs a new home, with someone who will take her out and let her run regularly.

As the values on these are creeping up and classic cars in general are more and more popular, this is a great time to get into one at a relatively low cost.

Asking price on her is $12,000

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.