1973 Triumph TR6 Project/Parts car

This car was purchased as a project car about 15-20 years ago. It was running and moving then but as life got in the way, the car was tucked under a deck where she's stayed the last 12-15 years, decaying more with each year.

She's rusty, very rusty, this includes bits of the frame rotted away.

Some may feel that she can be saved.. I mean, you can buy pretty much every piece to rebuild this car from online sources such as Moss, Little British Car company and others and some of those same might feel, if you're doing the work yourself, it would be worth it. If that's you, here ya go, have at it. If not and you need some parts, I think she might yield a few. The IRS is in good shape, rims, drivetrain pieces, the engine is easily rebuildable... maybe even a couple of body panels.

The TR6's are commanding some healthy values when in top condition, so maybe there's hope after all for some of her to go on and save another.

Pricing is $1250.

Questions, to schedule time to see or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.