1973 MG Midget

This is just an awesomely fun driver.

It started in a bar - the current owner was talking about buying a Bugeye Sprite and his buddy, who was sipping his second bourbon, said "Why not buy a Midget with the round wheel wells, they're a lot less expensive than a bugeye, and then swap on the Bugeye nose? I'll help you get it all done"

So, the current owner found this Midget in absolutely wonderful condition, brought her home and promptly called his buddy to help - crickets... Three years later, he's driven her around a bit and ended up buying a real Bugeye Sprite and as he's thinning out a small collection, he's decided it's time to let her go.

She is totally rust free. The last owner had her repainted but didn't spring for the extra few bucks to paint the door jambs and under the hood.

The 1275 engine is believed to be original to the car, the odometer shows 54500 miles and she starts and runs great. The current owner thinks the engine was rebuilt when the car was painted but can't confirm. As she's been sitting for a couple years and only started and driven sparingly, the carbs will need a little tune and she'd definitely benefit from some new gas with some Lucas magic additive.

Everything about this car is good. Solid body, nice, even paint, top is like new, seats are pretty firm and have no tears, the padded dash is also tear/crack free. The tires are a "Metric Radial" in a 13" size and are in great condition, wrapped around the stock Rostyle wheel. The air cleaner and twin SU carbs funnel the fuel into the 4 cylinder under an aluminum valve cover and out through a straight pipe exhaust and a sport muffler. Disc brakes up front and drums out back bring her to a halt. Nothing power on this little car, that you put on and wear more than get into, especially if you're over 5'10", once in though, there is plenty of leg room. The roll up windows work as they should, the top folds down easily, you can do it all sitting in the driver seat. The lights all work, wipers, heat/fab, even the horn.

There are couple of very small foibles: the aforementioned unpainted jambs, the driver carpet is thinning, there are a couple of very small chips in the paint, the rear axle is seeping and she'll need a little tuning, but she's rust free and turn key. Get in her and drive.

Old saying - Much more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow.

Being so low to the ground, with no power steering or power brakes means you feel everything that much more and scooting around on back roads at 50 MPH simply puts a smile on your face.

She's offered at a very market correct $9700.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.