1971 MGB-GT

This is a one owner car. Originally purchased from Bay Ridge Motors in New York in April of 1971, the owner then living in Hartford, CT . The car traveled with him, as a daily driver, throughout his moves around New England, which included stops in Middletown, CT; Brooklyn, NY; Centerville, MA and then settling into Briarcliff, NY in 1979. From 79 to 2010 the car became a weekend - sunny day driver, with all of the service being handled by popular New England import car shop, Briarcliff Classic and Imported, still in business today, run by it's founder Bob Millstein.

2010 saw the owner and the little GT move out to Nantucket. A couple of years later, he treated the MG to a fairly in depth refurbishment, which included a down to bare metal repaint in her original New Racing Green, with some minor rust repair being handled at the same time. Some interior freshening (door cards, dash cover, Coco Mats, gauges, knobs), suspension work and a full paint of the under carriage finished things up. The car has been driven sparingly since then as the ability to get in and out was hampered by knee surgery.

The actual mileage is unknown but figured to be up around 100,000 as the speedo/odometer has been replaced three times... The car starts and runs very smoothly and drives nicely, steering is firm, brakes solid and stop the car easily. Shifting up through the gears, the engine still pulls strongly and sounds good too, for a 1.8L 4 cylinder, shifts toggle through the 4 speed gates with ease. This car does NOT have overdrive.

The car is totally numbers matching and despite the Heritage Certificate showing wire wheels, it came with the Rostyles. Those Rostyles are wrapped in Vredstein Sprint S80 radials. Other listed options: Rear window heater, heater, radio and full undercoat.

The car is in very good condition and aside from a couple of small scratches in the paint, looks great. The Autumn Leaf interior is also in very nice shape with the primary detractors being a worn driver kick panel (from size 12 shoes bumping it on egress each time), the pedal pads and just some general wear of 50 years and her mileage. Although not concours, she could could still hold her own on the show field if given that show prep detailing.

The under carriage is very solid with an oddly cracked jack mount being the only real issue (the owner reports that he never had to jack the car up with the stock jack). The undercoat was repainted black when the car was painted 10 years ago.

All the electrics work too, which, with Lucas, Prince of Darkness always hovering nearby, is a very positive mark.

The car also comes with a few extra parts, such as wiper arms, another new, calibrated speedometer, signal lens and a new 73 grill to replace the 73 grill that is on her with a much better MG logo. (when the 73 models rolled into town and the owner saw the "retro" grills, he ordered one for his 71 as he didn't really care for the black inset, "fish mouth"  grills. Original bill of sale, registrations, owners manual with "protect-o-plate and many other receipts and paperwork come with her as well.

After owning her for all of her 50 years on the planet, he finds it hard to let go, but due to the knee injury, too difficult to get in and out of regularly, so he's decided it's time to move her on to a younger enthusiast who hopefully will enjoy her as he's done for so many years.

With this considered a solid #2 car, and having just her one owner for all these years, asking price is $15,500.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.