Auto Archeologist

1971 Mercury Cougar

This car is a "one family since new" automobile. A father purchased the car for his daughter back in 71. When she bought a new car, her uncle bought the car from his niece for his daughter. When she moved onto a new vehicle, her brother picked it up from her. Technically a three owner car but all in the same family within a block of each other. 

The car has been sitting in a concrete garage for the last 15-20 years or so. Started every now and then, upon this last wake up, the gas tank, fuel pump, filter, carb and sending units were replaced, she also has a new alternator and new battery.

The Cougar has 99K miles on the clock. It was repainted once in it's life and will need another at some point. The paint will respond to some serious buffing and polishing and with that and some cleaning under the hood and detailing, could be a nice cruise night cruiser. Add some tires, dual exhaust and a 4bbl and you've got a stoplight warrior.

The car has power steering... and that's about it, non-power drum brakes,  no A/C, roll up windows, no power-black vinyl seats.

However, the interior is very clean and in very nice shape, the vinyl top is in great shape with no rust bubbles anywhere in site or feel under it.

There are a couple of places where rust is starting to rear it's ugly head on the rear quarters but they are not structural and could be patched relatively easily. The "frame" rails are solid, the floorpans are excellent and the spring boxes are in great shape. All electrics work (wipers, headlights/lights, radio) and the sequential tail-lights work as well.

The engine is the 351C with a 2bbl carb, attached to the 3 speed FMX auto trans.  which puts power through a set of open 2:75-1 gears. She won't be quick, but she'll go fast.

She starts and runs smoothly and powers up and goes  when the gas is matted.

This is another big cat that needs to be saved and not put out to the old safari in the sky.

Asking price is $2500 or best offer.

Any questions, comments, to make an offer or schedule a time to see her, please contact me.