This 1970 Road Runner Convertible ( 1 of only 824 made in 1970) started life as a B5 blue 383 car, with a standard hood. There is distinct evidence of work having been done to her (floor pans, quarters, etc), and multiple paint jobs or pieces from several different cars.

The current owner bought her as a car he could get together quickly and drive while he was working on his other Road Runner, a numbers matching, 1 of 6 Lemon Twist Convertible.

Unfortunately those plans didn't pan out.

The car was parked next to her sister as he sourced a bucket seat interior and had a date correct 440 6 pack engine machined, dipped and prepped for reassembly.

Life quickly got in the way and the two birds sat next to each other behind his parent's barn for over 10 years.

This car comes with a slew of parts, including the aforementioned 440 6 pack engine, A-727 auto transmission, the bucket seat interior, tick-tock tach gauge cluster, dash, grill and valance, tail lights, bumpers and an Air Grabber hood with corresponding air cleaner.

As mentioned the car has had some body work done but overall is pretty solid with only some minor rust through in the right rear floor pan and some pinholes in other parts of the floor.

There is no top, but does have all the frame parts, no windshield, but the door and rear side windows are in place.

The spring boxes are solid.

This car can be purchased in a package deal with the aforementioned 1 of 6, numbers matching, Canadian Road Runner Convertible if so desired. Please see the ad for that car or ask me for the link.

The asking price for this car is just a hair more than you'd pay for the 6 Pack engine alone.

$12,000 will take her home.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person, or to simply make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.