1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S shell

The owner of this car purchased her under the presumption it was a 442, as it was presented to him as such. As a convertible 442, it would have meant that less than 5000 were made. He purchased the car, as a project, with no engine. He cut the rusty floors out and was prepping this car for restoration when an accident at the body shop had it moved out and set into a storage facility nearby. It has been sitting there since, for probably 3-4 years.
In reality, based on the VIN and data plate, this car is a 1968 Cutlass S convertible, roughly 14K were produced in 1968.
This car was originally Jade Gold with a black interior and came with a V6. Oddly enough, it has a 12 bolt rear but that may have been swapped in as part of it's 442 cloning.
There isn't much left to this "car", just a shell and frame. The rims are good as are the frame rails and front/rear suspension bits.

Make an offer $500 or better.

Thank you for the interest.