1968 Dodge Dart 270

This car was purchased brand new by the owner in 1968 as his very first new car. He was always a Dodge/Chrysler guy and drove this car every day to the P&W facility where he was an aircraft mechanic.

He maintained the cars he had but drove them, all the time. Just cars, not show cars or classics. This 68 was registered,insured and on the road as early as just 5 years ago.

Unfortunately, there are some that would say she isn't really road worthy and that quite well may have been the case even 5 years ago.

The Dart has what is believed to be 210,000 miles... However, being CT and always here in CT it may just be 110K miles, New England road salt can destroy a car quickly.

Overall the interior is spartan but in rather good nick considering the rest of the car.

The engine turns easily and it was reported to me that someone had the car running just over a year ago, just before the owner passed away.

The engine is a not often seen 170 C.I. slant six leaning tower of power... The more popular/well known slant sixes being the 198 and the 225.

The unfortunate reality is that this old girl is pretty far gone and despite the fact that she may fire up and run with minimal effort doesn't mean she should be back on the road in her current condition. Being a 4 door means there is no real value in any kind of restoration.

Hopefully she'll be able to donate some of her parts so that other Darts may live on.

Asking price is just $600

Please contact me for more info, to make an offer or to schedule a time to see her in person.

Thank you for the interest.