1967 Ford Thunderbird sedan.

This car was manufactured for the Newark, NJ district office and was purchased new in Manchester, CT by a Mr. Cheney.. Don't think it was THAT Cheney. The Gerlis purchased it from him in around 82, when they lived in MA and owned a linen roll company. They moved to Florida and that is when the current owner met them and in 1992 he purchased it. He brought the car full circle back to CT, where it now resides in Essex.

The car still wears her original black color but is believed to have been repainted at some point in her life time.

The car only has 69,000 miles and runs and drives well. The 390 4BBl is a potent engine and moves this car along easily. There is a noticeable exhaust manifold gasket leak and both resonators out back need to be replaced. Recent work though includes new shocks, new master cylinder and brake booster, new exhaust pipes (with crossover) and new tires.

The paint shows some wear with a few chips along the door line and some spidering in a couple of places. There is some rust coming through over the right rear wheel well (bubbling isn't the right word... Looks more like an old repair rearing it's ugly head. However, that is the only rot/rust through on the car (there may be some under a section of the vinyl top but that may only be wrinkled vinyl). The floors, rockers, frame rails, are all very solid. There are also some small dings from being driven into an "ever shrinking garage"...

The interior in this car is immaculate and really portrays the "jet age" feeling that was being pushed in the mid 60's with the wrap around dash, the airplane like controls, the chrome and brushed aluminum, it really is a very cool, stylistic interior. The main fault I found was a small slice in the head liner... and the right rear window has a difficulty going up and down.

This car came equipped with power steering, power disc brakes (up front, drums out back), AC (the compressor is no longer with the car and as such, no longer operates.. at all), power windows, 8 way power driver seat.. of course, it has the suicide rear doors that give a great ease of access.

The car was driven regularly back in the 2000's when the current owner first purchased her but then she was sort of just tucked into the back of the garage where she sat and was only driven a little here and there.

The aforementioned work has been done over the last 3-4 years, with the tires being replaced specifically for the sale, as two wouldn't hold air, the carb was also rebuilt as she wasn't running very well, probably due to the old gas and what it did to the carb.

Overall, she's very shiny, a great 10 footer and I feel the perfect car for someone looking to get into the collector car world, inexpensively. Not seen too often and the rumble of the 390 will have her welcomed at any cruise night. As time goes by, the foundation is nice and solid so the other small issues can be handled at will while still enjoying the car.

Inexpensive is $5800 OBO.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.