1963 Cadillac Series 63, Sedan DeVille

   This posh beauty has suffered the same fate as the 65 Imperial also featured here. Reportedly, they were driven into place... The 331 4bbl turns easily by hand with just 98K miles on the ticker. However, most of this luxury land yacht has sunk. It is very rusty and will need quite the restoration to bring her back. I'm sure there are people out there who would tackle this but they are few and far between. She may be headed for just parts. Either way, to use her to save another is almost as good as saving her.

   This particular Cadillac is optioned with Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Cruise Control, Auto Dimming Lights, Power Windows and Power Locks.

   The owner is asking $1200 or best offer for her.

Please contact me to make an offer to save her, comment or schedule a time to see her in person.