1963 Buick Riviera

The owner of this car remembers his Dad bringing this car home in the early 80's as it's proud second owner. It was all original and a gentleman's hot rod. 401 Nailhead V8 underhood, producing 325 HP and 445 lb ft of torque, this would definitely set you back in your seat. Wisely, he didn't let his teenage son drive the car.

He remembers his dad taking it to car shows and cruise nights roughly 25 years ago, he had it repainted in it's original Diplomat Blue, but then his dad fell ill and stopped driving the car.. even then, he didn't want his son driving the car, so it sat. Luckily, although moved about, it was always in a garage, until recently. The son brought the car home with thoughts of getting her running and driving again. However, the big boss said, "my car stays in the garage, that'll have to stay in the driveway". Over the last couple of years, he just hasn't been able to get the time and money together and has decided to let her go to a new home.

Originally built in the Flint, MI plant this car was optioned nicely by it's original owner here in southern CT.

Standard equipment included the aforementioned 401 Nailhead , dual exhaust, TwinTurbine 2 speed automatic transmission, and bucket seats with console..However, the new buyer checked off the tilt wheel, power steering, power brakes (Al-fin drums at all four corners), power windows, remote mirror and the deluxe interior which included leather and real walnut inserts on the door panels and under the rear windows as options. The wire wheel hubcaps were ordered as well and come with the car.

Although not currently running, the engine, with a listed 83,000 miles, does turn freely by hand and reportedly ran just a few years ago before being brought over to the son's home. The interior is somewhat salvageable although there is a fair amount of corrosion on the chrome bits and the obvious tear in the passenger seat and split headliner.

Surprisingly, the body and under body are rot free.. yes there is surface rust but the original undercoat has done it's job and kept the rust at bay on the floor boards, wheel wells and rocker panels (there is some bubbling along the front line of the hood)... even the exhaust appears to be ok.

This is one of those cool cars that once you've spent some time crawling in and under, you feel the quality of build and what Buick was trying to portray in this car. Me personally, I also feel the deep desire to get this car back on the road... With time, space and a very forgiving wife, this car would probably be in my yard... I would get this car completely cleaned up, get the interior livable again (remove the headliner for now, clean, soften and treat/dye the leather, scrub all the carpets, door cards, get the tinfoil and Coke out and clean up the corrosion on the chrome) and of course, get the engine running...which after some work in the gas tank, I think wouldn't be too difficult. Then, I'd drive it as a survivor. Unfortunately, I don't have any of those three things.

Of course, due to it's solid nature, this car is a great basis for a restoration.

What would you do with her, get her running or restore her?

$7000 will bring her to your home and you can make your decision.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.