1963 Buick Riviera


It is believed that the owner of this car is the second owner. He's  owned it for about 40 years. A few years into his ownership, he decided to have it gone through and freshened up. The engine was found to be in sound shape, with less than 60K miles on it, so was left untouched. However, the paint needed some work as did the interior.
It was re-painted in a color close to its original Desert Sand but the interior was reupholstered in white leather instead of the Sandlewood vinyl it came with from the factory.
He drove the car regularly and then one day, after parking it at the bar he owned, someone who was apparently ticked off at him, walked out and kicked the right rear quarter panel, denting it. Fearing further damage, the car was brought to a friend's garage and parked. It sat for about 15 years, when the garage where it was parked got sold. He again moved the car, this time to his own driveway, where it has been sitting to this day, for roughly 20 years. That time sitting, especially outside, has taken its toll on the old girl.
The interior is moldy, the floors and several other bits are rusty, the 401 Nailhead is frozen and won't turn, tires are flat and won't hold air, at least for very long...

She's a mess.

But... I think she's savable, just needs the right person with the right skill set and enough money and time.

Most of the body is really, not all that bad (the hood does have some holes and the trunk lid is rusted), the frame is solid as is the suspension, the floors have some holes but are still there and could possibly be saved/patched. Both doors open and shut easily and her shut lines are still like factory. Most of the interior would need to be replaced except for much of the trim pieces, dash, gauges, etc. They would need restoration, but could be saved.
Built in the Flint, MI plant, it came off the line with acc codes D, S7, U7 and I7, which decode to D-Sonomatic AM Radio, S7-Remote Mirror, U7-Power windows (but NOT power vent window) and I7-Tinted windshield. Other amenities include power steering, power brakes, vented drums (all four corners), three speakers (doors and rear center), rear defrost, clock and power antenna.
For the era, the interior was rather futuristic, resembling a cockpit to an airplane, with the wrap around dash, and chrome and engine turned aluminum, large gauges and chrome 3 speed auto transmission gear selector.
The 401 Nailhead is the original, numbers matching engine and in its prime, would put out 325 HP, 445 lb ft of torque and had 10.25:1 compression.

Everything about her is in poor shape... As the Finder of Lost Souls, I'm hoping someone will have the willpower to bring her back, of course, as a realist, I know that she may be better off for parts in helping another one stay on the road. She's got such elegant lines, the shark nose and the lines of the C-pillar and tail, matching that severe angle.

Asking price is $2300

Any questions, to see her in person, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.