1962 Rambler American Deluxe

This great little car started off in CA where she lived with a woman and assisted her with her chores around town. She was then purchased by someone in Kentucky who moved to Indiana and sold the car to someone there. The third owner sold the car to the 4th, current owner, here in CT.

The current owner had some plans for the car but with owning several other cars, the plans for this one got pushed aside and he now feels it's time to move her on to a new owner so she doesn't get relegated to the back of the garage, not to be driven.

Being ordered new in CA, this car is optioned with very rare Air Conditioning, which will run on R134, however there is a small leak in the system and it will only retain a charge for a few days. Other options include, side view mirror, cigarette lighter and the Weather Eye heat and defrost. The Deluxe was the lowest model available in the American line up, however, it did feature a 195.6 ci L head 6 cylinder in a time when most compacts had small 4 cylinders and the Rambler American was the first car to offer a dual circuit master cylinder. The car does NOT have a radio, or power steering or power brakes but runs the 90hp generated from the flathead 6 out through a 3 speed automatic transmission.

This car fires right up and runs great, the smoke seen in the video above is just a choked, cold start. She doesn't burn any oil and runs and drives very nicely.

The previous owner put on the staggered tire sizes and I think it looks rather cool. The rounded but boxy body lines, along with those wheels and tires give it a bit of a muscular look.

The body is very solid, no rot and the expected surface rust. The car has 56,000 miles on her and has been repainted at some point in her life. The interior is in very good shape with very possibly original seating surfaces. If they were reupholstered, they were done in the original color and fabric. There is a small repairable tear in the headliner near the rear window and the driver side visor is split.

The data card decodes as such:

6206 2 Door Club Sedan Deluxe; T202 Silver Cloth seats and trim; and P36 Glen Cove Green. The repaint was in a matching color.

Having this car puts you into a distinct crowd of the orphaned auto makers club and the car is an immediate conversation starter. As a 2 door coupe, you're also into the collector car world with a great little head turner for less than $10,000.

The flat head six was tauted for 90 HP but also for being very thrifty and claimed 30 mpg. Parts are readily available through sources as common as NAPA but as well as through a large nationwide cottage industry catering to the Nash, Rambler, Hudson, Studebaker, etc owners.

Asking price on the cute, muscular orphan is just $7000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.