1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Sport Roadster Sunliner.

   Coming out of the Chicago distribution plant, this car landed in NJ. Reportedly some work was done to the car by it's first owner, however, exactly what was done is unknown, although it is thought that at least the continental kit may have been installed at that point... It may have been installed by the dealer though.

   The car stayed in NJ through two owners getting some panels repainted during the second owner's term. Just before the car was sold to the current owners here in CT, it rec'd a new convertible top and brakes. The third owners drove it quite a bit over the first few years they had her, putting on several thousand miles. Roughly 4-5 years ago the car got parked in their barn as they started a winery on their farmland and didn't have the time to get out and enjoy her they way they used to. Although started regularly, it was not ever taken out of the barn and really driven in that time frame. While visiting the vineyard recently, my wife discovered this beauty and asked the owners about her... and that is what brought her here to the AutoArcheologist web site and now for sale.

   In 1962 they produced just over 42,000 Galaxie 500 Sport Roadster Sunliners. This one is armed with the Thunderbird Y-Block 292, all numbers matching, 114,000 miles. The 352 FE family was the more popular engine in these cars so having the 292 is a bit of a rarity, some called it the Thunderbird Special. This car is also equipped with a three speed manual transmission, optional 3:56 gears, non-power brakes and non-power steering. The white top is power. As mentioned above the brakes and top were replaced just before these folks took ownership of the car. The car starts and runs great and still gets up and goes for a car of this size... This car stands at nearly 18' long.. WITHOUT the continental kit... which adds about another 18".

   There are a few blemishes in the paint and the newer paint, although in matching Rangoon Red, was applied with a bit of a heavy hand. The frame is in great shape with nothing but some surface rust, the body is also in great shape, the only place where rust is showing through is on the driver door skin, as seen in the photos. This car can be jumped in and enjoyed, although the tires will need to be replaced. A deep weekend long cleaning and polishing will do her wonders.  The seats and door cards were also reupholstered not too long before these folks took ownership of her so they are in great condition. Lastly, the exhaust was replaced with a full dual system also before they purchased the car.

   Again, as they are no longer able to get out and enjoy her, they are ready to pass her along to the next owners. This iconic land yacht can be had for a now reduced price of $14,000

Thank you for the interest. Any questions, comments, to schedule a time to see her or make an offer, please contact me.