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1961 Morris Minor 1000 Tourer (Convertible).

When I first saw this little car tucked into the garage I thought "Wow, she looks to be in pretty good shape for a car that had just been un-buried from a pile of decades worth of "stuff", I bet she could be up and running and back on the road in a weekend". There was so much "stuff" in the garage that those handling the estate sale didn't even know there was a car under it all until the garage was nearly half empty.

This car was originally purchased in Indiana from  MG, Riley, Wolsely Imported Cars by a man who lived in Louisville Kentucky.

From all the paperwork present, the second owner purchased the car in 1968 and drove back and forth to work from his home in Newington, CT to Hartford, CT.

The car, propelled by a 948cc 4 cylinder, cranking out a whopping 37hp, has racked up roughly 70K miles since then.

When I first started going over the car, the first thing I noticed was the dents in the bonnet and the driver door, undoubtedly from the heavy pile of "stuff" sitting on it for years and then the two rot holes in the front floors (driver and passenger). I figured, after turning the engine over, that this could be a quick weekend cleanup, a little tune, tires and brakes and this car could be on the road. The dents would probably come out as easily as the ones in the bonnet did with a simple tap with the heel of my hand . The rest of the floor pans were pretty solid except for a little more rust in the boot. The top is in good shape and operates smoothly, everything seems operable.

As I photographed the front suspension, I noticed that frame repairs had already been made where the A arm attaches and that the other side is close to needing a repair too.

Someone with the proper skills can still bring this car back and have her on the road but it may be longer than a weekend.

Asking price on this not often seen Morris convertible is $1700.

Any questions, to see her in person or to schedule a time to, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.