Auto Archeologist

1960 Ford Thunderbird.

This car was previously owned by a car tinkerer. He would purchase a car that overall looked good but most often had some issue(s). He would usually get them at a bargain price and then do the work necessary to bring them back. He kept all sorts of notes on what he was doing to each one. This car is one of several he had in his yard when he passed away.  I am assisting the family in getting them moved on to new conservators.

On this Bird the paint is nice and shiny and the metallic eggplant on the hardtop over the metallic burgundy is a rather cool combination, all sitting over a black and white cloth interior, with all the obligatory chrome and brushed aluminum trim to make one feel as though you're piloting an airplane.
Pop the hood and there's the 352, with a 4bbl on top in it's Ford Gold, 91,000 miles on the clock. Power steering and power brakes too. Evan has the original windshield wash bag.
Look closer at the paint and you'll find fault and the same with the interior and engine bay; some small peels in the paint, loose and/or dirty panels on the inside, cleaning and definite tune up needed underhood. (She fired when I was doing the photos then refused to fire up again, didn't have time to dig deeper into why)
Definitely cruise night ready though...
That is until you crawl underneath... She needs a driver floor and the passenger side is going to need attention to keep it from looking like the driver's side.
The bumper and grill are in the garage and she'll fire and run. Unfortunately, it is believed that this Bird hasn't flown in several years.
Technically, she can be driven as is.. he did... but realistically she'll need that metal repair done.
The trunk is full of extra parts.
Asking is $4500.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please contact me.