1958 Packard Wagon

Although rather rough around the edges, this 1958 Packard Wagon is one of approximately 149 produced. Built in a time when Packard and Studebaker were merging, these Packards unfortunately, were little more than Studebakers with some extra body bits tacked on.. On this particular car, the additional fins and quad headlights are obvious add-ons. The hood, front facia and fins are fiberglass, the headlight pods are metal.

The known history of this car is that it was owned for many years (well over 25 from what I've been able to research) by famed/infamous Studebaker collector/hoarder Ron Hackenburger. She spent most of her time crammed into one of several old farm buildings where Ron had most of his collection stored. It was auctioned off by the Van der Brink family back in 2017 as part of a 600+ vehicle collection, many (most) of the cars in sorry shape similar to this one. It was purchased by a dealer out of Indiana and then the current owner purchased it in early 2018. Last year the car was sold on to a father/son team who had big plans, but they unfortunately didn't come to pass and so now the person they bought it from has it back and is looking for the perfect home for her again.

This wagon was considered a luxury wagon, similar to what a Cadillac Escalade would be today. It has a 289 Studebaker V8 w/4 bbl carb. that pushes about 225 HP through an 3 speed Flight-O-Matic automatic transmission. This car has AC, a seat heater, Power steering and power brakes. It DOES currently run and "drive", although it wouldn't be suggested to even take her down the street for coffee, she's in need of an exhaust and the brakes will stop her if she's creeping along in the driveway but may not do so well from even 20-30 mph. It does come with all new flat glass and replacement tail light lenses.

As can be seen, the car has some rust issues but isn't rotted out and the interior looks like a few raccoons had one hell of a party. The floors and frame are actually very solid, the doors are where most of the bad rust is. The current owner admits to having eyes bigger than his wrenches buying it with the idea of restoring her, and setting her next to his 58 Packard 2 door coupe and 58 Packard 4 door sedan, however, those have gone onto to new homes and this wagon is now sister-less and needs to find a new home as well.

Asking price is $5000

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.