1958 Packard 58L 2 door hardtop

This is a 3 or 4 owner car depending on how one looks at ownership.

It is a California car for most of it's life and and one of only 670+/- produced.

The first owner bought new in CA and owned it for many years. He sold/donated the car to a museum out there where it sat in their storage area for many years. It's believed to have been repainted in the first owner's possession and the interior was probably done at the same time. After holding it for many years the museum sold off several of the cars in it's storage and the 2nd/3rd owner purchased the car just 5 years ago. He registered the car and drove it quite a bit but then needed to sell, so it was purchased by the current owner. His plan was to have a trifecta of rare 58 Packards and as such he had a wagon (recently sold) a 4 door sedan and this 2 door. They were project cars and he now feels that it will be too much to bring them all back, so the wagon was sold and this 2 door is now being sold.

In 58, Packard and Studebaker were merging and in an effort to save money, many Packards were simply Studebakers with some odd bits tagged on. This car would have been a Studebaker President Starlight, however, to make it a Packard, they added on extra fiberglass wings, metal dual headlight pods, a fiberglass, wider facia, hood and a matching valance. The 4 door sedans and wagons end up looking a bit odd, but the 2 door models pull it off rather well.

The car for sale was repainted from what is belived to be a cream/white color to the two tone burgundy and white and the interior was reupholstered in Infant BM Brown.

The Studebaker 289 V8 puts out 210 HP however, due to the lighter weight of the Packard, it's perfromance was better than the same Studebaker.

She starts right up and runs and drives great. This one has a two speed automatic transmission and power steering. Everything else is manual.

The interior is in very good shape, albeit a little funky on the color choice. The brugundy paint hasn't held up too well and has several areas of flaking paint. Despite the peeling paint the body and frame are very solid with no rot through on any panels.

Even looking like she does, if you roll up to any cruise night or car show, you may not win any awrds but you'll have one of the biggest crowds around you.

Awesome entrance into the collector car world with a very rare but not very expensive automobile. The new Hankook tires look pretty good on her with the white walls showing and the radial provides better handling and road feel, grip.

Asking price is only $10,500

Any questions, to schedule a test drive or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.