1957 supercharged Packard Clipper Town Sedan

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of history on this car aside from knowing that it did spend a lot of time in Indiana. The odometer says just over 48,000 miles. The car definitely doesn't look worn enough to have 148000 miles but looks a little too worn for just 48,000.. so, we don't really know how many miles it has. She does start easily and run well.

The car was repainted at some point as you can see the original Packard Coppertone paint in places along with the original Arctic White. The color used isn't a bad match.

This car isn't totally a project a car, but is a little rough to be a fun weekend driver as is.

If I were to purchase this car, first thing I would  do is new exhaust. She currently has a true dual  exhaust that ends at the D44 axle... no mufflers and a little rusty, the video shows how loud she is. Next would be tires as these may be the original tires... I'd toss some covers over the seats and color sand and buff the current paint. I 'd do standard mechanical checks and services and then get out and enjoy her. She would make a great rolling "restoration" as one can do little things here and there while still getting out and enjoying her. The interior is believed to be original but it's pretty rough too... However, the original fabrics are available out there and doing door cards and carpets could be a DIY project and then have the seats done.

The engine is a  supercharged 289 Packard that pushes 275 HP to the rear wheels, as this car was pretty much a Studebaker President, it's lighter than the last year Packard and so the 275HP can move this car along nicely. The supercharger is currently off the car but is with the car (along with all brackets, pulleys and belt )and needs to be rebuilt as it will not spin freely. Again, that could be a DIY project that can be guided with some Youtube videos, but there are several vendors that handle an SC rebuilds too if so desired. In 1957 there wasn't much that was power, however this car does have power steering. 4 wheel drum brakes stop the car easily. The gauges all work as do the lights, the seat is adjustable and the windows all work.

One of the dual antennas is broken.

Body wise she's very solid, there is simple surface rust here and there but no rot.

They only produced about 3900 of these cars but rare isn't always expensive.

This car can be sitting in your driveway for just $4500 or best offer.

Questions, to schedule a time to see her, test drive, or make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.