1957 Chevy BelAir Sedan, with original paint and Power Pack Option.

This 57 Chevy, the last of the Tr-Five era, was purchased new in California and spent most of it's life on the west coast. It is believed to have at least three owners in CA before she came east to Massachusetts, Rhode Island and then to CT about 4-5 years ago.

It's been here in New England for about 10 years.

This car was ordered with the 283 V8 Power Pack option, which included 4 bbl carb, true dual exhaust and uprated heads and HP - up around 180 from 160. The engine has the correct GC stamping and the fuel line runs along the outside of the frame to avoid the exhaust routing.

The mileage is believed to be around 60,000 as the original speedo/odo assembly, which comes with the car, started acting up under this current ownership and was replaced with one from another 57 Chevy of the same Surf Green color, the old unit shows 59,000 miles. This car is also equipped with the Turboglide continuously variable automatic transmission, which acts like a three speed, but is not manually shiftable like one. It has the Gr (Grade Retarder) selection for hill descents and a "granny low".

The cars starts easily, runs smooth and strong and drives very well. Some steering components have been replaced up front, the clock is a new repro item, the car has a stock AM radio although it was ordered "radio delete" (the blanking plate is with the car), it wears new BFG Silvertown 7.5 tires and new shocks. Brakes have been maintained and were checked when the car was purchased several years ago and are not in need of any work at the moment, they stop the car as they should.

The car is mostly original. The engine is original and it is unknown whether it has ever been rebuilt.. the bright orange valve covers have been repainted. The owner thinks that the exhaust pipes may be original (the mufflers are not), the seats have been reupholstered and the carpet is new, the door cards are original as is the paint. Although it appears to have been clear coated, the paint was treated to a color sanding, buff and ceramic coat, but that IS the original paint.

The owner is known in this area as one who likes to save original cars and get them running strong, treat the paint to the aforementioned and then just enjoying them as original as possible.

However, being the Step Father of orphaned autos and having a big place in his heart for those orphaned brands such as Packard, Studebaker, Nash, AMC, Hudson, this Chevrolet doesn't fit in with the rest of the family and he's seeking to set up an adoption.

With all adoption papers in place, the fee to bring this Tri-Five to your home will be $22,000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to meet her in person or to make a modified fee prospectus, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.