1955 Triumph Tiger T110

This bike was purchased in the early 2000's when the owner was getting back into bikes. He was very much into them when he was younger and when we decided to get back in and start riding he initially went for several 60's era Harley Davidsons. However, the upright style and wonderful rich colors of this Brit Bike grabbed him in around the same time he had purchased an MG TD.

He rode it a quite a bit, but then, as other projects came into the garages, the bikes got shifted to a back garage. Luckily, he drained the gas before storing this and other bikes. Unfortunately the owner passed away a while back and now the family is selling.

The T110 Tiger was developed for the American market with a bit more HP than the T100 and was reportedly capable of 110 MPH, hence the 110 designation.

This is a numbers matching bike with only 33 miles listed on the odometer. While it's possible that there are only 33 miles on the bike, and it's also possible that there are 100,033 miles, neither is very probable, easier to state that true mileage is unknown. The family doesn't know where he purchased the bike or even exactly when, as with the plethora of small sheds and garages on the property it was very easy for him to come home with something and no one (including/especially his wife) would know.

This is a chain drive, 4 speed manual transmission bike with a 650 cc parallel twin OHV engine. An 8in drum in front and 7in out back bring the speed down when needed. The Smiths Chronometric speedometer shows when to shift and the sweet spots for each gear, the original Lucas headlight works correctly too.

 The Shell Blue paint is in generally very good condition with just one small bubble on the tank. The black paint on the oil tank has some "china" cracks in it, however, the bike presents very well and will benefit from a deep cleaning and detail. Although the tank was kept empty, all other fluids are in place and she cranks right over.

This wonderful British sports cruiser from the 50's is ready to ride and can be enjoyed for the price of $8000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see the bike or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest!