1955 MG TF 1500

One of just over 3000 produced between late 1953 and late 1955.

The TF was the middle child, filling the gap from the TD and the up and coming MG-A. The 1500 engine was the new engine for the MG-A and was dropped into a few of the TF's. These sold well and are still very popular today for the swoopier lines than the TD, better handling, better power, more comfort.

This one has been in this owner's possession for several years, close to ten. He purchased it from someone who supposedly bought the car in pieces and put her all together.

It is fully numbers matching: Engine, body and frame still all together as they were when left the Abington factory in England.

This owner took things a few steps more and really made her shine, taking trophies in many shows throughout New England.. Driving her to those shows.

The odometer says 2728 miles, we know that is not correct and that 102,000 miles is more accurate.. However, this car truly looks like a car with only 2700 miles and the rebuilt engine has only a few more miles than that, maybe 3000 or so.

The owner has touched nearly everything on this car and it is as near to perfect as one can get with a car that is actually driven.

The engine was rebuilt using a Crane Cam and a billet crankshaft. The exhaust manifold is coated and attached to an SS exhaust system. It has a new water pump and freshly rebuilt SU carbs, a 7 blade MG-B fan and the transmission has new seals and bearings. The radiator has been recored.  The wiring harness was replaced and switched over to negative ground at that point. The oil pressure and amp gauges were rebuilt, the generator rebuilt, and the voltage regulator was replaced along with the fuse block. A third brake light was wired in and LED "bulbs" were added to the rear lights. The brakes have been done recently along with new coil, plugs and wires. A luggage rack was added, side curtains were renewed using Moss' kit, it comes with a black bikini top, full tan tonneau, tan half tonneau and the full canvas tan top.

The bucket seats were done in a deep red leather, along with the dash wrap, the windshield replaced with a tinted one... An under dash cover was installed with a CB. It comes with it's hand crank too in case the Prince of Darkness, Lucas, fails to start her via electrons.

Plain and simple, this car is in stunning shape and aside from possibly three small imperfections is ready to take to a show and win trophies or be driven reliably around your home state.

The TF 1500s have surged in value of late and due to their relative rarity, superior performance to the TD and just a bit better looks.

The asking price on this one very pretty MG roadster is $35,000.

That number is fairly firm. You just really won't find them out there anywhere near this condition.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.