1955 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Project

The current owner reportedly purchased this car from the son of the original owner. A full restoration was planned and the car was stripped, all body panels removed, media blasted, repairs made and the rebuild was starting to take place when as we all know, life got in the way.

The owner claims all the pieces to put her back together are there, along with a  LOT of new pieces.

It is believed to be all numbers matching, very difficult to tell with SL's as the numbers don't really match, however, the son of the original owner says that no major work was ever done, engine wasn't replaced and so everything should be as it was when built back in the mid 50's.

The car will need to be painted, reassembled, the engine may need to be rebuilt as there is no mention of that and in the photos, it doesn't appear to have been rebuilt.

This car was brought to my attention by another car guy and I'm assisting in getting this info out there.

If interested, please contact me so I can put you in direct contact with the seller.

Asking price is $35,000

Thank you for the interest.