1955 Chrysler Windsor Wagon

This car was purchased from CA where it is known it lived most of it's life. For the last 8 years or so it has lived in upstate NY, in a carport. The owner passed away last year so unfortunately, not a lot is known about the history of the car.

The car was purchased from Wild Kard Kustoms in California and they did the interior work and roof paint, at least 15 years ago.

The family said the car came in on a trailer and was backed into the car port. Their dad was a car guy with a lot of projects happening and they guess his plan was to get the car up and running, driving.

The car has a PowerFlight auto transmission, power steering, power brakes (4 wheel drum)

The engine, a 301 Spitfire Power Poly V8, does turn freely and the plan IS to get her running and moving under her own power. The 301 put out roughly 190 hp and 245 lbft of torque and was known to be the "little brother" of the early Firedome Hemi's.

Being a CA car, she was rust free (aside from some age/surface rust on the under carriage), however, several years of sitting semi-exposed to the elements in NY has done some minor damage and there is one area of rot, left side, behind the rear bumper. The car is very solid otherwise, with patina throughout the exterior, of course, the custom layered candy blue paint on the roof showed off the artistic skills of the CA kustom shop. The standard interior of the Windsor wagon included vast swaths of wood, especially on the back sides of the rear seats and the cargo area floor. With the seats laid down, there is well over 6 feet of available cargo area. The seats appear to be upholstered in the stock style with white vinyl bordering a medium blue cloth insert on the seat and seat backs, however, Wild Kard added some button tufted velour to the dash, door panels and rear cargo area, it's still holding up well and doesn't look all that bad. The last thing they did was lower the car 2" (blocks in back and probably heated the front springs), new shocks (coil overs in back) and add a set of 20" wire wheels and Falken 245/35ZR/20  FK 452's.

This is a great platform to do a full on restoration if you'd like, or in essence, keep her as she is.

What I'd do: Really deep clean everything, exterior, interior, seats, carpets, etc. I'd remove the headliner as a good portion of it is loose and falling anyway, and replace with some Dyna Mat as a minimum.. maybe do a wood headliner to match the wood trim on the doors. I'd clean up the wood trim and maybe give it a wedge-wood blue wash or a white wash, the same wood on the headliner would be a white wash. Clean the wire wheels and get all the black paint off them... maybe give them a coat of a candy blue over the chrome... Then I'd start driving her, doing bits of work here and there.. maybe disc brakes, definitely dual exhaust and 4 bbl carb/manifold set up. Simply have fun with her.

Asking price is $6000

If you have ideas of what you'd do and would like to take them on, please don't hesitate to ask any questions, or contact me to schedule a viewing or to make an offer.

Thanks for the interest.