1954 Ford F-100

The owner purchased this truck almost 10 years ago because he simply likes old cars and trucks and saw this one advertised at a show. So he bought it.

He hasn't done much to it in his time of ownership except regular maintenance. He did install a new Optima battery and because he regularly attends cruise nights and cars shows, bringing coolers, chairs, etc, he installed a plastic bedliner and easily opened velcro/vinyl cover.

Other work that was been done before he purchased it:

The truck was painted in the silver metallic and pinstriped, including the rims, running boards and interior. A 1971 302 V8 was installed (reportedly out of a Mustang) and is running the stock 2 bbl carb and stock exhaust manifolds, out through a true dual exhaust, with glass packs, that exits on each side, in front of each rear wheel. A custom stainless fan shrouds wraps around the stock steel fan. It runs the power through a three speed manual (shifted on the column) and out to a D44 rear end which has 3:54 gears, so it'll cruise on the highway pretty well.

The truck was also lowered 2" on the stock suspension using re-arched springs. The steering is armstrong and the brakes are from the same manufacturer, leg strong model, 4 wheel drum.

The wheels are a standard steel with chrome lug covers and trim rings and they are wrapped with Dunlop Radial Rovers up front and Dayton Quadra XT2's in back, all in 235/75/R15.

The headlights are an HD halogen replacement bulb. All lights work.

Inside, the truck has a reupholstered red vinyl bench seat, stock steering wheel, after market ammeter and oil pressure gauge, Sony AM/FM/Cassette stereo, original, refurbished heater, red carpet, new red sun visors, removable floor console, over the shoulder seat belts and bouncy dice and hula girl.

The 302 delivers a bit of torque and in this light weight truck, it will light the tires up and move the truck along rather well.

The owner has really enjoyed the truck and in that end the truck is not a prefect, concours specimen. She can still take home a trophy but does have a few small imperfections when you get close and start poking around. The body is all steel and rust free except for some light surface rust in a couple areas.

Turn the key, pull the choke a little, one tap of the gas and hit the starter button, she rumbles to life.

Very reliable, fun truck and ready for a new home as the owner has sold his CT residence and is heading south.

Asking price is $30,000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.