1953 Ford Customline Sedan

This is a three owner car, originally purchased at Saybrook Ford in 1953.

The car has been in the shoreline area for all it's life.

The current owner has owned her for over 30 years and several years ago, the original engine and transmission were pulled and rebuilt. The paint is original as are the seats and interior. With only 80,000 miles on the car, it's no surprise the car looks as good as she does. This car is driven regularly throughout the year, so it hasn't sat for years. She starts right up with a little tug on the choke and a couple pumps of the gas.

The 215 CI Inline 6 cylinder "Mileage Maker" runs nice and smooth and puts out roughly 100 HP/close to 200 lb ft of torque and in this sedan, moves that through a 3 speed Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission.

This car was ordered in a rather spartan manner, with tinted windows possibly being the only option. It does not have power steering or power brakes. Stopping power is via 4 drums and a good deal of force on the pedal, they do stop this car securely though. The car has the Magic Air heat and defroster set up and an AM radio (it powers up and hisses when it's warm but I couldn't secure any stations). It has vacuum wipers, interior lights, a cigar lighter, ash tray, electric blinkers, low/beam high beam foot switch, and an electric clock, which wasn't showing the correct time or moving in the time I was with her. The rear seat floor pad has dried out and become totally brittle and was in essence removed because of that. There are some other wear points on the interior, primarily the driver door sill where an arm has rested many times over the years. Overall, for 86,000 miles and being 70 years old, she is in very good condition.

The owner recalls replacing the tires within the last 5 years or so with Coker Classics in 6.70 x15, they are in good shape but mimic the original tires, so you won't be taking this car through an auto-cross course anytime soon.

The original paint is a little thin in spots and shows it's age but still has a shine. The body and frame are solid, however, there are two small spot of rust showing on both the left and right lower front fenders and the lower sheet metal on one body mount has rot, but the side pieces of the mount are still solid.

This is an awesome entry level car for the enthusiast looking to get into the hobby, even better for the family looking to do the same.

Very solid body, very solid runner, driver, totally ready to get into and enjoy. Rather basic mechanicals so she's easy to work on.

If you're ready to take this Customline home, please let me know.

Asking price is $9000

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.