1952 MG TD

This car has been owned by the same person for nearly 20 years and has had only 3 owners in the last nearly 40.

The current owner unfortunately doesn't know any history as to what may have been done to her before his ownership, but does have a folder of receipts for what he's done. Mostly maintenance items, no big ticket issues. The speedometer was replaced a while back, roughly 700 miles ago. The original speedo/odometer shows 73,000 miles. Based on the condition of the paint, and other bits, I'd say she was restored at some point before the current owner took possession of her. The paint (appears to be Woodland Green) is in very good condition, but does suffer from a couple of stone chips, wear chips where the doors close and a minor rub here or there. I feel that with some touch up and a color sand and buff, her paint would look better than it does in the photos and she looks really good in those. The chrome is all good, no major pitting but again, a weekend detailing with some simichrome polish would bring them up a notch. The interior is in line with the rest of the car, very good condition, with minor wear on the high touch areas. The black leather seats are in great condition, the door cards are in excellent shape, however, there is some silver over spray on the passenger door card. Mineral spirits did not move it, so it may take something a little more aggressive. All the gauges work as they should and the owner just had the wipers and signals fixed. Lights and horn work as they should too.

The cloth top is in very good condition, although two small holes (probably from a mouse) have been repaired. It folds down easily. The car comes with the matching side curtains (both front and rear) and a full tonneau cover. These are all in very good condition as well.

Under the bonnet the original, numbers matching XPAG 4 cylinder looks great (along with the ancillary bits that accompany it) and starts right up with a pull on the choke, a couple pumps of gas and a tug on the starter knob. She settles into a very smooth idle and then runs up through the revs easily and strongly as she is shifted through the 4 speed manual transmission. She rides and drives well, the 4 wheel drum brakes stop her as they should. The tires are at least 15 years old, have great tread and look good but new tire safety measures say it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace them sooner than later.

This car is also totally rust free, the wood floors are solid with no issues as are the wood portions of the frame. She does appear to have a slight leak on the rear end as it is moist.

This car is totally turn key and ready to go. She really needs nothing at this point to be out and enjoyed.

She looks great and although she might not win her class in an all MG car show, she does show very well and looks beautiful, you will get thumbs up from those who see her pass by - I did when I was tooling around the quaint little New England town where she currently resides.

With all the above, we feel she's worth around $18,000, we are open to reasonable offers.

Any questions, to schedule a time to meet her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the interest.