1948 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe. 22,103 miles! Flathead V8, 3 on the tree manual transmission.

The story of this particular car started in 1948 when it was purchased locally and driven about as a regular driver car. However, back in the day, people did not drive the way we do today. With roughly 15K miles on the car it was tucked away... That was in the late 70's early 80's. The car sat in a barn until the early 2000's when the original owner, at that point in his 70's, decided to pull the car out and have it restored. The interior was refinished in its original color but with a little more modern fabric, the engine was gone through and cleaned up and tuned, with only 15K miles the 239 Flathead V8 was deemed not in need a full rebuild. The car was painted and the original owner drove it for a short bit and was then diagnosed with cancer. He sold the car to a dealership. The current owner (second REAL owner, third legal owner) purchased the car from the dealership just before the original owner died of cancer in 2011.

There is quite a bit of documentation on the car, granted most of it in a small notebook.

This car is repainted in the original Strata blue. It does have some imperfections (nicks and chips) and  orange peel that can probably be color sanded and polished out. The chrome is in very good condition with only a couple of small pieces showing some minor pitting. It has the fender skirts.  The flathead V8 starts and runs beautifully. The current owner has added power steering from a mid 50's Ford and also an alternator. It runs the  original the 6V system. Electric wipers, signals and heater.

The current owner has also had the wiring harness sorted and certain parts replaced with original harness wiring/insulation; the carb has been rebuilt and the exhaust manifolds have been replaced; the oil pan and intake manifold gaskets  and the three on the tree manual transmission linkage and  seals have been replaced along with the points, plugs, condenser  and  muffler.

This car was the same make, model, year and color of the car the owner's wife drove when she was a teenager and was in essence purchased for her. Recently however, she has become more concerned with safety items like seat belts and such and has requested they sell this one and get into a slightly newer classic with some of those safety features.

The car runs and drives excellently, starts up with no issues and is very reliable. She has even taken 2nd place at a local Ford show. While not a concours quality car by any means, she is in very good condition and is an awesome cruiser to just get in and enjoy, with some attention to detail coupled with some elbow grease to bring the paint up a step or two, she could be a very nice show car too; not too bad for a car that is 70 years old and just over 20K miles on the ticker.

Asking price is $14,900 or best offer. Any questions, comments, to make an offer or schedule a time to see her in person, please contact me.

Thank you for the interest!