1947 Mercury Eight Sedan

The current owner of this beautiful suicide sedan purchased the car as his first foray into classic car ownership. He purchased her from who is thought to be the second owner, who had the car for over 45 years. In that time the second owner thoroughly enjoyed the car and about 10-15 years ago finished the complete body off restoration and then got back in and kept enjoying her. The odometer shows just over 55,000 miles however, true mileage since the restoration is much lower than that, guesstimated at less than 15,000. The last couple years of his ownership, the car wasn't driven as much and suffered a little from sitting. When the new owner bought her he had a local garage that specializes in classic cars get her tuned up and spent close to a couple  grand doing so. She now runs and drives like the wonderful classic Mercury sedan she is.

The electrical is still 6 volt and all the electrical bits operate as they should (except the clock). There was small signal switch mounted to the inside of the steering column so there are operational signals.

The interior of this car is near perfect. The upholstery nice and tight and unworn, the weatherstripping is like new and is nice and flexible. Windows operate easily. The radio even works once the tubes warm up!

The engine is the Ford Flathead V8 in 239 CI size that puts out about 100 HP and that is funneled through the "three on the tree" manual transmission. She starts right up with a little choke and a couple taps of the gas. She runs strong and idles smoothly. Out on the road she rides smooth and although she can't be compared to today's cars, she is a joy to drive. The tires are Universal in a 7.10 x 15 size and were purchased through Coker tire just before the car was purchased by the new owner.

The Flathead runs great and the interior is a pleasure to just sit in, like a brand new living room, she runs and drives exceptionally well.

On the outside the dark green with hints of teal presents very well, the chrome is bright, shiny and pit free. There are a couple of foibles in the paint that one will notice upon a closer inspection; a couple spots on the roof that are peeling and several small chips here and there, but overall, this car would do well at local shows and would be more than welcome at the cars and coffees and local cruise nights.

The undercarriage still has her fresh paint and if someone was so inclined, they could get under there and clean it to look as good as the top side. There is no rust on her.

Absolutely ready to jump in and drive and be enjoyed.

The owner is now looking to move into some other classic car, maybe something he enjoyed riding in during his youth, so he's decided to send this Merc on to a new home.

Asking price is $28000.

Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person or to simply make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.