1947 Diamond T COE Flat Bed

"Murder Truck"

This truck didn't murder anyone nor was it involved in a murder, however, it's owner was.

I'll try to short story it. Wayne and Marie were married in 1942. Wayne already owned over 6000 acres in south-central CA and owned Key Valley Ranch, a large beef cattle ranch.

They were known from early on in their marriage as ones who would bang heads frequently. Marie became known rather quickly as a very mean, angry drunk.

One night after arriving home from being out tending the cattle, the grounds and who knows what else, Marie started lambasting Wayne and they argued through the late afternoon, slowed a bit during dinner and then ramped up again as they retired to bed. According to court documents I was able to dig up, Wayne felt that after a series of threats, Marie was reaching for her gun, stashed in her night stand; he shot first and killed her, though she didn't even draw. He claimed self defense, it didn't hold up and he served a bunch of time for second degree murder.

From what I've learned, the truck sat idle on the property for many years. The current owner purchased it not too long ago from who he thinks is the second or third owner of the truck.

The truck is very solid and aside from the healthy surface rust, is not rotted. It is a California truck after all.

The branding on the doors is still rather legible, calling out the Key Valley Ranches, Wayne and Marie Hillman and the location, Paso Robles, CA.

With all the cool history, it would be a shame to restore the truck cosmetically.