1946 Studebaker M5 Pick Up Truck

Total project. Restore to original or go hog wild custom or the easy, least expensive route of a rat rod.

I have known about this truck for years, sitting on the same plot of road for the last, maybe 20 years or thereabouts. Always thought about how cool it would be to build it.

The current owner too was watching it and over the years stopped in and made offers... "NOPE, not gonna sell it.. or NOPE! Not high enough, this truck is worth more than that!" Eventually his perseverance paid off and 4-5 years ago, the owner's son sold the truck to him.

He found out that it has a tilt hood set up (not stock) and a mid 70's Chevy truck frame and running gear under her...uurr, also not stock... That's it...

The Chevy frame is solid, the Studebaker body is in very good condition all things considered, with some small rot spots here and there, but for a Rat Rod, that isn't really a problem.. weld in some old street signs... There is a Jeep metal lock box center console inside along with seats from a Mitsu or Suzuki(?), possibly a Chevy tilt wheel is there and a Chevy power brake booster?... Totally ready for your personalized touches.

Big Block Chrysler under the hood? Of course, standard fare would be SBC? Maybe go crazy and drop in a Jaguar V12 or an International Diesel ...

This is a blank canvas, so enjoy the ride...

The 46 M5 Studebaker truck is a fairly odd breed, one doesn't see them all that often, especially here in the northeast.

Take this clean slate home for $3200 or best offer.

Any questions, to make an offer or schedule a time to see her in person, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.