1932 Ford Hot Rod Pick Up

This truck has been in the same family for  about 6 years.

This truck is set up like a period hot rod from the 50's would be.

The Ford flat head V8 is running a bunch of Edmunds hop up parts, such as Edmunds free flow heads, dual carb set up running two Stromburg 2 barrels, Edmunds air filters and intake and a set of headers. A Borg-Warner 4 Speed manual trans sends power out to a chrome sprung Halibrand quick change rear end. The frame is a custom tube unit tucked inside stock looking boxed frame sides.

Up front, a chrome drop axle supports Buick style finned drums and Denman Elegant Premium Sports tires in 6.00x15. Out back, a set of Universal 8.20x15 tires grip the road. and for extreme traction, a set of 8.20x15 Mickey Thompson pie crust slicks come with the truck.

The interior is in beautiful condition and is also a 50's era tuck and roll design with a custom overhead "console" and a leather headliner that matches the pattern and flow of the seats. The interior is in very good condition.

Out side the paint shows very well, however, the expected little nicks and chipped, garnered from years of going to shows, cruise nights etc can be found by the trained eye, overall she looks awesome.

With a turn of the key and a pull of the fuel pump switch and the choke, two pumps and she fires right up when cold and settles into a very nice rumble. The clutch catches easily and allows for very smooth shifts through the 4 speeds. She sounds great under heavy throttle and acceleration, handles well too. Granted, the 4 drum brakes can be a little twitchy but that's drums in general. At higher rpms she does cough a little and that may be a condition of sitting for about a year after the death of the owner, ethanol not liking to sit.

This is a very well built street rod pick up, and done in the 50's era style.

She roars and rumbles and looks awesome, especially with her bright red paint and wide white walls, with black wheels and moon hub caps.

This truck would be welcome at pretty much any car show/cruise night and would gather onlookers immediately.

The truck is totally turn key, although she may need a little tuning if a tank of good high test gas and some BG treatment doesn't smooth her out.

It would cost easily twice the asking price of $45,000 to build this truck the way she sits.

Any questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.