1931 Ford Model A Roadster Pick Up

This truck was purchased just a couple of years ago, less than a year before the owner passed away. His family is now selling it.

His son tells me of the harrowing adventure he and his Dad had heading down into SW Pennsylvania on a cold February weekend. They got her loaded up on the trailer and it was getting dark, they had over a 6 hour ride home.. and as they pulled out and headed home, it started snowing. They made it home, in almost 10 hours and had some close calls as the tow rig and trailer decided to attempt to part ways on more than one occasion, however, cool head prevailed and they made it home without any real problems.

Dad loved the dark orange, metallic paint and the tan/cream tuck and roll interior and matching tan roadster top. The truck ran great and was one of his favorites, until he passed just about a year ago. The truck was parked in a barn on his property and has been sitting there ever since.

She cleaned up beautifully and looks great. There are a couple of imperfections in the paint and it looks as though someone had a different engine in her at some point as the firewall has been welded back together where it appears it had been cut out to fit something larger, but that's up under the dash and carpet and can't really be seen.

The only rust on her is on the exhaust and that is just surface rust, everything else in very clean, painted condition.

So, from an appearance point of view, she is a high three, almost a two and presents very nicely. There are four new Recul A/P Trailblazer tires in 215/85R16 size. This truck was taken apart and gone through probably less than 10 years ago. The interior, in it's cream vinyl is very comfortable and looks great, contrasting against the burnt orange paint.

Two unfortunates: The first is that although she turns over easily and strongly, she would not fire up. There was strong spark but even a quick shot of ether didn't coax a rumble from her. The family is not mechanically adept and there simply wasn't the time to dive in and figure out what the issue is. The engine is a Canadian unit coded as a 1928 flat head that was reportedly rebuilt.

The second issue is the E-Z Steer steering box. The steering wheel turns and you can hear the internals turning but the pitman arm is not turning, nor are the front wheels.

The running issue may simply be the ethanol gas. The steering issue is a bit more problematic but my research found that the E-Z Steer box can be removed and replaced with an F-100 set up.

Despite the aforementioned issues, she's a great truck and will be ready to enjoy with just a little bit of work.

Asking price is $22,000

Any questions, to schedule a time to see the truck or simply to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.